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Twitter integrates search into main site

March 5, 2009 19

Well, there has been talk about Twitter integrating its Search functionality into their main site. It turns out the twitter team was testing this out and it has now integrated into the main site, with some pretty interesting functionality.

Trending in Main Navigation

On the home page, twitter has integrated the latest Trends as a menu item in the main navigation as a drop down.

Twitter Search Results

Clicking on a trend will pull up the new twitter search page. Here is the search results for Watchmen (update: If you haven’t gotten the new search/trends rollout then the link for “watchmen” won’t work! sorry folks!)

Right Rail with Matching Users, Featured Users, and Trending

On that search page there is also some navigation on the right rail.

The future for twitter?

So, does this mean twitter is integrating search and becoming more of a search company. Probably not, but, I do see this as a way of them monetizing search results on that search page if it does become fully integrated. Wonder if that is where they are heading with this?

Also, I do have to say the “matching users” seems very basic and searching the twitter user name. I’d like to see this get a little more advanced based on like types of content the user is submitting, etc.

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  • Collins P says:

    I’ve been wondering about this for quite some time now. Great post. Twitter is almost a collective unconscious thread of the whole internet. It’s grown exponentially.

  • Tony Adam says:

    Collins, It’s totally grown and I think this is one of those things that could help it reach its “tipping point”…so to speak.

  • Austin says:

    Why haven’t I seen this yet? My twitter home page hasn’t changed at all… :C

  • Austin says:

    Oh wait, I missed that part when skimming. Sorry!

  • Mike says:

    This is definitely the path most people think Twitter is moving toward. Eventually everyone will pick up on the cache feature and everyone will be going to http://search.twitter.com/.

  • John Jones says:

    Wow, Twitter just keeps getting better and better.

    [note: comment edited to remove link]

  • Cashmere says:

    Personally am still getting the hang of twitter. Am far more used to facebook. This should make using twitter simpler.

  • Tony Adam says:

    @austin – No worries Austin! Glad you noticed it, hope you get it soon! Pretty cool stuff!

    @Mike – not sure i agree…i think they’ll keep it on the main site…unless i don’t understand what you mean 😛

    @Cashmere – Good luck getting the hang of it and hope you enjoy it! 🙂

  • I hope they do..one of the few cool companies that could give google a run for their money.

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  • Tim Wright says:

    That trends menu ruined the american idol results for me last week… but other than that, I dig it. I like that twitter seems to be constantly moving and adding creative features to the site

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  • Rob Morris says:

    I’ve finally embraced twitter after shunning it numerous times. The search is simultaneously the most and least useful pulse of information I think there is on the net.

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  • Ishita says:

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