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Click Fraud Funding Terrorism

December 6, 2006 0

Minutes after posting my latest entry about throwing out speculation about where Google would be if Click Fraud had action taken upon it, there has been a stunning new development.  Apparently at the end of SES Chicago Webmasteradio.fm held a press conference and announced this news that could link Click Fraud to the funding of terrorist activities.

For more details on this story, visit the following post on Search Engine Journal.  Obviously, this is a major development in the case against Click Fraud and also there still tons of information being analyzed and still tons of log files to be looked at.  I don’t want to make any major claims to the link, because it is still a new development.

One claim I will make and state continuously is that Google does need to take a considerable amount of action against Click Fraud.  I have made many arguments in the past that if Google does not take a step up and address these issues immediately that it could really hurt their business.  News like this could really be a major blow to Google’s business and put Google in a major bind.

I have been adamant about Google stepping up to the plate and taking initiative and action against Click Fraud.  Google has been taking a nonchalant, hear no evil, see no evil approach to Click Fraud and it might end up hurting them, big time!  Especially now that there is breaking news with click fraud links to terrorist cells/activity this could make headlines.  Especially in todays “Anti-Terrorism” day and age, and the fact that anything linked to terrorism is being looked at under a microscope.  Seriously, we have the government tapping phone lines, reading private emails, looking through search data.  If any of this data checks out, Google will be in a very unappealing predicament.  I just have one thing to say, “I told ya so Google!!”

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