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The Snowball Effect: Getting Started and Gaining Momentum
July 30, 2015 at 8:40 am 0
setting-plans I've been thinking about the "snowball effect" for a few weeks now and reminded myself how important it is to get started. It led me to wondering what we're doing at Visible Factors in terms of growth and optimization for companies. We've been working through a lot of the service business and plan to offer more in the coming future, but, I've been saying this for a couple months. One of the things I've always know, execution is key. Getting things done is the most important thing. Granted, you don't want to do work, just to do it. But, just starting somewhere and getting going is the single best thing you can do. Because, once you start getting some traction, it has this snowball effect you can't measure by data. When we work with companies, we meet a lot that have very little going in terms of a blog. Our recommendation is, "start somewhere." Let's start with one blog post a week, then up it to two or three, then hopefully within a couple months, you've got a blog post going out every day. Then, you can really optimize and start creating a content plan that will grow the business. You'll start noticing SEO traffic increasing. The snowball effect is there. After you've started, you can start to see themes, use data to drive more content development, and come up with new concepts based on old. The key is starting somewhere and setting up goals. Whenever I'm starting something new, whether it's getting back into writing content OR starting a new sales program, I always try to dedicate a block of time to it. Usually it takes me adding it to Wunderlist or a Google Calendar item. But, the key is I've set a plan and dedicated a block of time to it. Once you have things started, and you've dedicated time to it, you just need to keep yourself on track. After that, the momentum will carry you forward. You'll not only be dedicating the time to what you're working on, but, you'll be excited about it. This same effect is true when building companies, you have to start somewhere. Once you've started, there is no better, more intoxicating feeling than feeling the wheels turning and letting the momentum take over. Once you've got a start, once you have things moving, once there is some traction...there is no slowing down. That's why I call it the "snowball effect." Being able to find this sort of traction is an amazing feeling and you'll never want to look back. What do you do to gain momentum? Would love to hear about it in the comments or on twitter. Check out how we've been able to gain traction and momentum for the companies we've worked with.