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Beginner's Guide to Blogging

November 29, 2006 0

Recently I have been trying to get into the swing of reading up on articles in my time off, getting back into SEO/SEM and blogging.  Soon enough I will try to enter the podcasting and vlog world as well.  That being said I have enjoyed blogging everytime I get a chance to and decided to write about blogging.

(Okay, side note, for those of you that are already blogging up a storm, post some comments and tips for others!!  I’m sure they’ll appreciate it and plus, you might get another reader! ;-)…)
So, I have noticed that a lot of people want to “get into blogging,” but are saying, “I missed the blogging ship” or things like that.  Truthfully, I was one of those people.  But, there are tons of reasons why we should be blogging and that is why I am taking a minute to write this.

  • Why do I Blog? – First, and obviously foremost, I’m a geek at heart and I love the internet and technology.  Knowing that and ensuring that I have a place to write about my findings and even document what I have learned is HIGHLY important to me.  Being able to write about things that I love means a lot to me.  Also, having the opportunity to pass that information on or even knowing that I might have connected with someone out there, that is huge!
  • Blogging for Bucks… – We all want to make money, get rich, or just ensure we are able to make it day-to-day.  In the case of blogging though, I would say before focusing on “Blogging for Bucks,” I would really focus on Blogging for love.  Write about things you care about, get some interactivity with your users, feedback, and create a social environment.  Once you get to that point, then you can change your focus to monetizing your blog, trust me, at that point it won’t be difficult.
  • Finding topics to write about… – I have been trying to write about things that I know best, things that I want to get some interactivity on, discussion starters and what-not.  But, lately I haven’t really had anything in the realm of SEO/SEM to talk about, sometimes it is hard to find things to write about, trust me I know.

So, I hope I have slightly helped you if you are wondering if you should be blogging or whether you missed this ship that everyone was on.  Just relax, enjoy, research and write about the things you love and are most passionate about.  Things like monetizing on traffic are good problems to have.

For the rest of you that are already cracking on your blogs…awesome…I hope I haven’t bored ya!?  Maybe next time I can pass out drinks and be a better host?!


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