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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Marketing has been changing the way we market to individuals on the web. As the web continues to evolve, it is essential to position your organization in search results based on what people are search for.

SEO Strategies and Guidelines

My expertise in SEO allows me to create SEO Strategies and SEO Guidelines for your organization, that tailor to your business. These guidelines can include a variety of things like SEO keyword research, link building, page structure, and site architecture. I work very closely with internal teams to build training programs and/or educate teams on how to build SEO into the overall product or feature set.

Expert SEO Services and Knowledge

I have extensive experience and knowledge in SEO with things like SEO Evangelism in small or large organizations, link building, social media, and on page SEO factors. This provides your organization the edge it needs to compete in the continuously growing internet

SEO Services and Experience

  • SEO Strategy
  • SEO Guidelines
  • Website Link Architecture & Structure
  • Link Building, Link Development and Link Bait Services
  • SEO Evangelism and Education

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