The Italian Frozen Yogurt Craze

Since going back to Los Angeles in August, I have noticed a craze in the frozen yogurt industry. To be more specific, the number of places opening up and doing “Italian Frozen Yogurt” is unbelievable. They are popping up on every corner like Starbucks in the 90′s and Sushi restaurants shortly after. This craze started in 2005 and is going quite strong.So, pinkberry opened its doors and the fludgates opened right up. People crowding in the stores, lines out the doors. My trip had me visiting the pinkberry in Pasadena, CA with my sister and was I in for a shocker. I had no clue the madness behind it all, a 30 minute wait, just for frozen yogurt?!

Truthfully, it was worth it at the time and I would probably do it again. It lived up to the hype and was actually amazing. So much so, that I started LOOKING for places similar in the San Francisco Bay Area, to which I ran across absolutely nothing. Now, it is understandable that the Los Angeles and New York area would be the ones to start the trend and have it grow like it has.

Now that we know how much people like it, there is also many new stores popping up and trying to compete in the now, ever so popular frozen yogurt market. Although Pinkberry is under much scrutiny for “not really being frozen yogurt.” Apparently a lawsuit has been filed to debunk the mystery behind the recipe and ingredients, yet they still keep it quite a secret. See Eater LA article)

And the buzz goes on, publicity is running rampant and it is being talked about on radiostations, blogs, tv, old media, new media…you name it…it’s getting buzz and attention. Since being in L.A. in August two new “italian frozen yogurt” stores have opened in my home town and I am sure TONS have opened all over Los Angeles.

So, will the trend continue?? Is pinkberry the hottest company of 2007 moving into 2008?? Henry Schultz, founder of Starbucks, seems to think so, as his venture capital firm invested $27.5 million according to CNN Money.

We will see where the trend goes, for now, the lines continue to be long and the yogurt, ever so good.

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