Targeted Ads, I give you Facebook Flyers

Facebook is now silently promoting its ad-targeting system but doing so in a fairly clever way. They are disguising this ad system of sorts as a new version of their “flyers.”

Similar to the rest of the search world, it is a CPC model. The key differentiating factor is the fact that we are finally seeing a company that is stepping up and doing this in a targeted fashion. You aren’t going to see a blatent mis-use or gross amount of banners ads, pop-ups, etc. that you will out of Myspace. What you will see though, is a highly targeted and well thought out ad-serving model, that solves a MAJOR problem on the web today…allowing advertisers to seek out a specific group.

Taking a look and diving into it, I found out there are 4,120 people in San Francisco, CA that are single and are interested in music. Want to know about single folk in the entire U.S. interested in music, sure 964,260 on Facebook. Since it’s football season, I wanted to check that out, 755,360 people that are interested in football.

Facebook Flyers targeted ad system
Once again, kudo’s to Facebook, the growing social networking giant for their innovation and it is well deserved. Once again, adding value to a company whose valuation seems to be rising.

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