Moving back to Los Angeles for MySpace!

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been tweeting a ton about “big decisions” that are on the horizon. The truth is I came to a major cross roads career wise and geographically. I had to evaluate where I was going and what I was doing career wise, but, also had to look at personal happiness. With that, came the decision to leave BillShrink to join MySpace.

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Why leave BillShrink?

First, why am I leaving BillShrink even though they are one of the hottest startups I know? I joined because I was dying for an opportunity to really help impact the growth of a business. Of course, there were challenges (nothing is all cupcakes, sunshine, and rainbows, contrary to popular belief), which led to a post on Inhouse SEO Resource Constraints.  But, the biggest driver of me leaving BillShrink was that I miss Los Angeles and the technology ecosystem way more than any other city.

I have had the ability to truly impact the BillShrink business from a marketing standpoint in regards to SEO, Social Media, and content. More importantly, I had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazingly talented people. BillShrink truly is one of the coolest technology products I have seen in some time.


Some of you have already asked the question (in your head or even out loud): “Why MySpace?!” I thought long and hard about building out my Internet Marketing and Incubation consulting practice of Visible Factors. But, at the end of the day, the best opportunity was one that I was excited about 6 months ago when I first started talking to MySpace and still am to this day.

There are many people I truly respect, former colleagues, and friends that I’ll be able to work with at MySpace. And, I am excited to have an opportunity be a part of the rejuvenation of the brand, confident about where things are going, and hope to make a massive impact on their business. The post about their youthful reincarnation in USA today with Mike Jones and Jason Hirschhorn talking about the company, only solidified to me that this was the right move with the right leadership.

Finally, I am VERY excited to be back in Los Angeles and a part of the Technology ecosystem that I grew up with and came to truly love while I was working at Yahoo!. I’m also very excited to get more time to writing (both marketing/technology and creative) and working on interesting projects that I have been putting off.

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