iPod issues with Vista, Apple vs Microsoft war heats up?

Interesting notice about the Apple iPod having some issues with Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system.  Apple has announced that the iPod could possibly get corrupted by using Vista with the current iTunes platform.

Apparently the iTunes service would not download a listing of songs that you have purchased, but that problem has recently been taken care of.  More disconcerng though is the fact that if you choose to eject your iPod through the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon, there have been users reportedly experiencing some corruption to the iPod.

Microsoft has recently released patches to fix the above mentioned item pertaining to the iTunes service not functioning properly.  At this point though, Apple is asking users not to upgrade to Windows Vista until a newer version of iTunes is released in a couple weeks.  Microsoft is taking the approach that the iPod should be fine.  The end all, be all question is, will this hurt Microsoft sales in the interim and long run?  Will Microsoft Windows Vista lose sales and will the iPod users hold back and cause a major drop in Vista sales?  Or, are users going to continue to upgrade and install Windows Vista either way?

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