LA Times New Web Strategy

LA times has announced a new model for their web strategy in which they will combine the efforts of both their print and online reporting.  According the James O’Shea, editor, “ will become our primary vehicle for breaking news 24 hours a day.” 

It seems that will be trying be trying to rejuvinate it’s advertising revenue as it has been declining massively on the print side.  We will see this from more and more companies as we continue to become more accustom to an online news model.  Although, it seems that the LA Times newspaper will be taking a more “thoughtful approach” according to O’Shea.

What do I think?  I think this is a great move to LA Times to try to bring some new life to the company through a massive online push.  Although, I doubt they will get anywhere near the likes of sites like, this could be a major way to regain some strength and increase the decreasing profits within the company.  It will be interesting to see how things turn out, personally, I think it will be for the better.  I think we will start seeing more and more of this in the future from other traditional journalism sources as well.

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