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So it looks like we have our first product from SearchMe, based in Palo Alto, called WikiSeek.  WikiSeek is a Wikipedia search engine that basically indexes wikipedia links and also sites that wikipedia has linked to as well.  It has a very simple (almost Google-like) user interface and returns pretty high-quality and spam free results, as it only indexes the sites previously mentioned.

But, that isn’t all they did, they also released a search plugin for Firefox and an extension as well for firefox.  The extension adds a search button to wikipedia which allows you to search using wikiseek.

All in all, I find it a pretty good product, with monetization through sponsored links, tag cloud for common tags related to searches and highly reliable links.  SearchMe did a pretty good job with this one, with the official announcement coming on Wednesday, I’d like to see the traction and reaction they get!

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  1. Reply jp Jan 16, 2007 10:09 pm

    I think WikiSeek is pretty lame, actually. I don’t really understand why I would care to see wikipedia links on top. Usually they come up on top anyway when I use regular google. And when they don’t, I probably didn’t want them to be on top in the first place.

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