Top 10 Websites of 2006

Well, since Guy Kawasaki’s keynote at Pubcon, everyone I know is all about the top 10 list. (Ok, maybe everyone has been doing it before, but i still have to make the occasional Guy and Pubcon plug!)

My Top 10:

1. Digg – In my opinion, the new leader in news on the web and in general!
2. Google – In general and overall…due to continuous improvements in search technologies, gmail, google calendar, blogger and much more…all is well (just need to monetize in places other than adsense)
3. Facebook – Yes, my official favorite in social networking…Facebook’s product really brings together social features and the “stickiness” that really makes social networking.
4. Craigslist – Still making improvements and still the best in community sites on the web, especially in the form of Classifieds.
5. – Social Bookmarking at it’s best, ’nuff said!
6. Technorati – Connect with others blogging and spread the word about your blog…find out “Whose saying what, Right Now”
7. YouTube – Hands down, no questions asked, best video site and possibly one of the best social sites on the web…monetization is a huge question, but still awesome…give some credit to “Lazy Sunday”…
8. Wikipedia – Information at the drop of a dime…
9. Myspace – They have created the most social of the social networks, they are monetizing on it somewhat, but the spam and lack of cool new product features really makes me question where it leaves Myspace down the road.
10. Ebay/Paypal – The greatest online auction/payment experience on the web.

Some notables that didn’t make the list were Amazon, MSN, Orkut and Friendster…Amazon is the best e-commerce solution, msn the #2 visited site on the web and with the unsure branding of live and vista’s release it could remain strongly, orkut the #2 social network in regards to members, and the only reason i mention Friendster is that it has lost practically all traction and will lose rank by the month, and finally, Yahoo. Although Yahoo is the #1 community on the web and is the most visited site on the web, the only reason I don’t fit them in my top 10 is that they have released multiple products that have tanked including Yahoo! 360 and flawed search performance and experience…Semel must go and with the current restructuring, they could possibly get back to their winning ways.

My top 10 was really focused on the insurgence of Web 2.0 and “sticky” websites (sticky meaning lots of user interaction, i love the word sticky!). Should be some interesting things around the corner in 2007 and should be some great new products and great additions to current products on the web!

So there it is! Hope you enjoyed and Happy Holidays!

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