The Final Wrap Up to Jane & Robot at Yahoo! Santa Monica 1

It’s been about a week since we had the Jane & Robot meetup at Yahoo! Santa Monica and I finally have a chance to wrap up the event. I have to say, putting that whole event together with help from some very wonderful people was probably one of the funnest things I’ve done.

First and foremost, it was awesome to have Nathan Buggia and Vanessa Fox out in Santa Monica talking about Search Friendly Web Development. Overall, their talk was great covering things like robots access, search friendly design, etc. I haven’t been around a lot of technical development issues in about 6 months, and, it was nice to hear a more ‘geeky’ side of the search world again.

I had started to use the hashtag #JRSM for the event and we got a few live tweets from the event to cover the whole thing. Virginia Nussey of Bruce Clay wrote a wrap up on Search Engine Land of the event. Also, we had lalawag covering the event without any sleezy LA gossip (thank god!).

Here is a video wrap up of the event as well:

Jane and Robot SEO Meetup Los Angeles from sean percival on Vimeo.

Overall, with about 50 people attending, some great conversations, a great talk by Vanessa and Nathan, and the coverage, I was REALLY pleased with the way things turned out! Thanks Everyone for coming and hopefully we’ll see you at the next event!

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