Firefox 2 Release

Just downloaded the Firefox 2 update today and gave it a test drive and wanted to take a look at a couple features that I noticed. So, here are a few things that I noticed and some things that you might not actually see.

  • “Visual Look and Feel” is much nicer and does have a new and cool feel to it.
    Firefox Look And Feel
  • Search – The Search box by the address bar will recommend searches for you as you start typing, this is pretty cool in my opinion…I am always looking for things that make life easier!
    Firefox Search
  • Tabs – Tabs are sooooo much better now, as links will open new tabs instead of new windows and each tab has a “close” button.
    Firefox Tabs
  • Recovering lost browser sesssions
  • Feed handling
  • Increased Security through extensions and phishing protection that is built in.

That is all I have for now. Unlike the major differences between IE 6 and IE 7 (Microsoft was WAAAAY behind) there wasn’t really a MAJOR UI change that you could notice other than the tabs. Firefox is in my opinion at this point, light-years ahead of IE7. Sorry Microsoft, you fell short again!

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