Google Reader

Okay, so a while ago I posted a blog about NewsFire RSS reader for the Mac.  I loved it and to be honest I still do and I will continue to use it, because it is far and away the best “software” based RSS reader on the market.

Now, I never used Google Reader because it sucked a while back and I heard Matt Cutts make the same mention about this and that it is much better now.  So, do I take this lightly seeing as he is a Google employee and pushing Google Products…eh…maybe.  But, be that as it may I decided to give it a test run, and to be honest, I really like it.  I think my favorite part is the fact that it isn’t a “FAT Client” on my computer that I have to worry about.  I am a huge FAN BOY of web based apps and this is now one of my favs now.  I will still have to work with it for a while and get all my feeds entered in, but, I think this will probably be replacing Newsfire for me in the near future!

So, check it out ( let me know what you guys think or if you know of any other web based readers that are much better, i’m all for trying new toys!

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