Pubcon 2006 Wrap Up! 2

Summing up Pubcon in one blog post is like asking for a miracle. But I am going to do it for you quickly (hint the sarcasm), so take a DEEP breathe! First off, notable mention to Guy Kawasaki for an excellent kockoff keynote. Although, I had to give John Battelle the edge on this one, only because content was king for me! (I wonder if that will ever be over-used). Finally, the Danny Sullivan keynote was also great and it was awesome to see one of the most prominent figures in our industry.

Now, some of my favorite sessions overall had to be the sessions dedication the Viral & WOM Marketing, Press Releases and Feeds, Blogs, etc. These sessions were good because in my opinion the covered the more advanced topics and not so much high-level stuff. Now only that, but as usual some panels/forums had the usual Shameless promotion by organizations!!

Events, events, events…Google,, Yahoo! and all over again had an event! It seemed like we were non-stop with action after sessions and conferences!! To bad I didn’t get to make it out to the Yahoo! party, that would have been fun!

Finally, I have to make some very notable mentions to people that I met or saw at the conference:

Dana Todd – One of most knowledgable, if not the most knowledgable person in the Search Marketing industry. She moderated the podcasting forum and did an amazing job as always! We had some great conversation at events and such!

John Battelle – For bringing up the topic of Search on the internet and that basically being the new medium driving software and the internet.

Rand Fishkin – Notable mention for a great presentation on Link Bait. Also, for the fact that he called out a guy and told him not to leave the room, classic momment!

Todd Malicoat and Greg Hartnett – Great presentations in regards to Feeds, Blogs, News and Social Search.

Sergio and Patrick Kajirian – I spent a good amount of time talking to these two guys before, during and after sessions. It was a blast getting to know them and they are definitely some very bright individuals.

Finally, I can’t end this in any other way but to give Brett Tabke a ton of credit for putting together, yet again, an AMAZING conference. You make all of this happen and you give us all a place to learn more about the industry and meet more people within it! Good luck with the baby!!

I met a ton more people at the conference and loved every minute of the time I spent there! I am positive I have missed some people on the list and I am very sorry for doing so, but definitely know that if we met I want to keep in touch for sure and you should definitely feel free to contact me anytime!! That’s all from Pubcon 2006, i’m already looking forward to 2007!!

2 thoughts on “Pubcon 2006 Wrap Up!

  1. Reply Igor M. Nov 27, 2006 2:18 pm

    Hey Tony … it was nice talking to you at the conference. Keep up the good job with the Blog.

  2. Reply Patrick k Dec 30, 2006 1:40 am

    Pubcon was a wonderful opportunity for us all to get immersed in this awesome industry! I look forward to the next one ;o)

    Nice meeting you Tony!

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