From Barcamp to Pubcon! Unconference to Conference! 1

Well I’ve got a pretty packed weekend ahead of me. I will definitely be attending BarCampLA-2 this weekend and it will be my first look at a Technology UnConference, this should be super exciting. There will be topics like a panel on “Do’s and Don’ts of Startups,” digital media, web/software development, etc. I am really amped for the opportunity to see all of the presentations and I might just end up presenting myself!

Pubcon, Pubcon. Pubcon…need I say more?! The top yearly conference for SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, and so much more. Put on by WebMasterWorld and sponsored by the likes of Google, Yahoo!,, and Opera. It is definitely the premiere event for web geeks! Here is a link to some history

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    I will appreciate if you provide more details on this. Thanks.

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