Learning Ruby On Rails

So, I have finally decided that tomorrow (hopefully) will be the day I give myself a crash course in Ruby On Rails. I have been browsing the web today, on and off, trying to find some good resources and I found a couple good ones.

To start with, obviously the Ruby On Rail’s Website has some great information and tutorials to get the ball rolling for you, along with the API, and user groups.

O’Reilly put up a tutorial called, Rolling with Rails and a Part II of this called, Rolling with Rails, Part 2. These are both good resources, and more geared towards windows users. (I prefer Rails in a MAC / *nix environment).

Finally, an interesting one (and entertaining too!) that I ran across was called “Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby”.

So far, I have just browsed through these and these seem like the best to get on the right track! (No Pun Intended!). Leave some feedback if you have any other great resources for rails on Mac OS X or even in a Windows environment. I will definitely post some more once I have delved deep into the language.

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