Friendster Patent

I just need to go on a quick tangent regarding the friendster patent that has been released recently. I wanted to take a step back and look at it from Friendsters point of view, but i really couldn’t see anything positive. The truth is, friendster is doing just what i was hoping it would not, trying to steal away funds and hurt the current and future social networking prospects. This last second dive is just that, a dive, like a cheap boxer taking a dive just to make some cash, Friendster is doing just that.

The other thing that upsets me is the fact that they are tagging themselves as an originator in social networking. The truth is there were sticky features in most other major sites like PlanetAll and Webmaster World that were doing these types of things, like building communities, since the mid 90′s.

I just wanted to come out and say this was an EXTREMELY cheap effort by Friendster who is trying to effectively use the courts to make its final heave for cash in their failing business model. Shame on friendster for not trying to do something new, specialized and exciting and blatently saying other companies are stealing their ideas.

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