Put your thoughts on paper, don’t hold it all in! 2

There is always a lot going on in my head, from trying to understand business models,monetization, traffic acquisition and a hundred other things. As an entrepreneur and someone running a company, our brains are always working. Even when we take time off, there is no resting, simply put, we are always thinking about our business.

I learned this when I was nineteen or twenty and the owner of the company I worked at told me it was the reason he never took vacations. Who knew I would follow in his footsteps and not take one either for the next 10 years, until I learned they are needed and you need to clear the headspace.

But, even though latest fad is failure (i.e. fail fast, fail hard, etc.), I don’t want to fail like others at any part of the business, including “putting my thoughts down on paper”. You can take this literally (i.e. write it down on paper), or figuratively (i.e. put it into documents, powerpoint, or flowcharts). I got this feedback recently when we were reviewing a few things on eventify because I just kept rattling off thought after thought I hadn’t previously clearly communicated and/or passed on to the team. I knew what needed to be done, I knew what strategies to take, etc. But, as I move into this next phase for eventify, it is super important for the entire team to understand this, not just myself.

This last week, I’ve spent lots of time trying to think through how to put down everything was going on in my head about the business, in the best way possible. At first, it started as just thoughts I feverishly typed away into text files, over emails, etc. just so I could get them down. Then, I thought through it a bit and realized some of it would be best depicted in a flowchart of some sort and others just explained in bullets. But, to digest it all, I used the ever infamous Powerpoint to get the point (no pun intended) across in a story.

The reason this is so important is as our team continues to grow and make progress, it’s important for everyone to understand our plans, see what we are doing to achieve them, and contribute to process. The more we poke at, dissect, and optimize the model, I feel, the better we’ll get and closer we will be to successfully building a business. As we move forward, I’ll start printing out these thoughts, flowcharts, etc. and post them up in our office so we see them daily, they will top of mind, and we can spend every day pushing against these goals, models, etc.

Another big reason that I am now starting to find it really important is that there is a limit to how much our brain can hold. There is a limit to how much you can actually retain and keep up in your brain before you start forgetting things. The more I put things down in emails and just straight up text files, the more clear by mind is to focus on new challenges or really dig deeper and dissect the current ideas/models that I’ve already put together.

How many of you do this? Do you put your thoughts down in some sort of consumable format? Are you going to start to now?

2 thoughts on “Put your thoughts on paper, don’t hold it all in!

  1. Reply Pam Oct 3, 2011 2:53 pm

    I write *everything* down in one way or another. It either goes in an email, our CRM, in Evernote, on a Stickie on my desktop (the e kind, not the paper kind ;) ) or on the handwritten to-do list I keep next to me. It also helps me fall asleep at night. If I know everything I need to remember is written down, I can knock right out and I don’t wake up every 2 hours in a panic. Also, if I’m having trouble falling asleep because I’m worried about something getting done, I get up, write it down and save it for tomorrow so I can get some rest.

    • Reply tonyadam Oct 4, 2011 9:32 pm

      Pam, you just reminded me to get back to using evernote, i was using it really often and it was keeping me way organized, but, now I’m going to get back to it again!

      Thanks for the comment, tips, and I’m glad to see others are making sure to get stuff down, super important!

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