Goodbye Myspace, Hello World 14

I’m sure it’s not surprising to anyone in tech, that Myspace sold today for $35M to Specific Media. Because of that, it actually marks the end of a chapter in my career, as it is my last day at Myspace. While it is a sad day because it will be a bummer to no longer see many of my amazing co-workers, it is, also the start of a new chapter in my career, and, one that I am really excited about.

For the last 4-5 years I set out to get a ton of experience by working for big brands like PayPal, Yahoo! and most recently Myspace. Also, I spent a lot of time really trying to build my personal brand. Lastly, working at large, enterprise organizations gave me the opportunity to really understand product development, marketing, and technology. I’ve really enjoyed working for big companies and I wouldn’t go back and don’t regret it at all. It has been a wonderful journey and I’ve learned so much and met so many amazing people.

Specifically, at Myspace, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some people I’ve wanted to get the chance to work with like Mike Jones and Sean Percival. Along the way, I’ve met some really amazing people like Sam Wick, Lindsay TreedentAli Tahmasbi and Roberto Fisher . I’ve had the chance to lead a team that cranked traffic through SEO, Paid, and Social Media and it has been one of the best teams I’ve worked with in my career. I can truly say that there won’t be a team anywhere near as fun as this one.

So, what’s next for me? Well, I’ve been pretty vocal about really pushing my consultancy, Visible Factors (check out the online marketing blog associated with it) and my startup, (which is a live alpha prototype, we are working on iterating and making it better daily!). As always, I’m taking on new clients and entertaining new opportunities, so, if you need online marketing help, get in touch!

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14 thoughts on “Goodbye Myspace, Hello World

  1. Reply Emma Jun 29, 2011 8:37 pm

    Best of luck on your new adventures :)

  2. Reply Adam Audette Jun 29, 2011 9:26 pm

    That’s awesome, Tony. Congrats on the big changes and new opportunities ahead! Look forward to grabbing a drink with you at a conference down the road. Best of luck man.

  3. Reply Cynthia Schames Jun 29, 2011 9:32 pm

    Good luck on your future endeavors!

  4. Reply Michael Bastos Jun 29, 2011 9:33 pm

    What do you feel was MySpace’s greatest weakness? As the CEO some may want to blame you for the fall of a company you had very little time in, but my question I guess has more to do with whether or not you had room to innovate or if the atmosphere was so against it that it prevented you from really doing anything that would create buzz in the social space. Was it an outdated server technology that kept you guys from really innovating or was it carrying around all that non active user data that people had collected over the years. What advice would you give to the new owners of MySpace and the direction that you think it should go that you couldn’t take the company?

  5. Reply Michael Dorausch Jun 29, 2011 9:38 pm

    Congrats on another chapter in your SEO/Social Media world. You always hustle and continue moving forward and I don’t expect anything different from you. Make the most of this summer!

  6. Reply David Jun 29, 2011 9:44 pm

    This is a serious question – what did it feel like to work at MySpace in terms of the culture, morale, and vision for the future?

    To outsiders (like me), it seems like it would feel like I was one of the last people on a sinking ship with millions of people standing on the shore cheering and waiting for it to completely go under.

  7. Reply steph Jun 29, 2011 11:10 pm

    Good luck with the consulting biz Tony!

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  9. Reply Vimal Jun 30, 2011 3:31 pm

    Tony, It was my pleasure to work with you. I have learned a lot from you.
    I really look forward for an opportunity to work together in future. You will be missed. Good luck with the next (ongoing) gig.

  10. Reply Azat Jul 1, 2011 4:29 am

    kiss ass… :)

    Good luck dude. You are awesome friend and I hope we continue to work together in some capacity in the future…

  11. Reply Dustin Woodard Jul 1, 2011 3:31 pm

    Good luck Tony! I think you’ll like the switch from in-house SEO for major brands to out-house SEO consultant. I know I have! Before you get into it too deep, I suggest enjoying the summer a little bit because it is tough to vacation when you are running your own business.

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