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When I co-founded eventify with the great team we had at Startup Weekend, I wanted to shout about it from the rooftops to everyone and anyone. But, there is also a paranoid side of me that thought, hmm, “what if someone else wants to come in and do the same thing and steals the idea?” Well, it would already be too late for that because Jason Calacanis tweeted about how much he liked our product and we were pitching it on live stream at Startup Weekend. So, I figured, I’m talking to everyone and anyone about this.

Then, I ran across this great post from Aaron Patzer about the most common entrepreneurial fear and why you must ignore it. Aaron says to tell everyone about your idea, and that ideas aren’t as important as execution. I’ve always believe that and believe that execution is the key to any startup succeeding. Everyone that I know that is a successful entrepreneur is amazing at execution, and, it is one of those things that I pride myself at being great at.

People want to help you

Believe it, or not, people do truly want to help you with your idea, not steal it. Over the past few months working on eventify, I’ve talked about the idea to so many people and they have almost all offered to help me in some way, shape, or form. It taught me a great lesson about not hiding things or holding back on the information that I tell people about what I am working on. As an entrepreneur in the past, I would never tell anyone about my idea and I know others that still won’t. The less people you tell, the less people that will help you, it’s simple math.

An introduction is likely to happen

All the friends and colleagues that you tell your idea to are likely to have other friends and acquaintances that they can refer you to for advice. People have made some amazing introductions to me and I’ve learned so much about the industry because of that and has lead me to some great knowledge that will help me as eventify grows into the amazing product that I will force it to become.

It’s amazing what you can learn

With smart, talented, and driven people, you can learn so much, and our industry is filled with them. I’ve learned about things around weddings, business models, planning, and technology that I had never come across in the past. All because I shared my idea with one person and it spawned from there. It’s important to talk about it with others, because, it can lead to a conversation where you can learn so much from someone who might have more experience or knowledge about the industry.

At the end of the day, it’s like I said, it’s simple math, if you don’t tell anyone about your idea, you’re not going to learn anything. People is what makes this industry great and execution is what makes startups great. Ideas are a dime a dozen, if you can’t execute, you won’t succeed. If you don’t talk about ideas, no one will know about it and the likelihood of you learning more is slim to none. Always be open to learning by sharing your ideas with others.

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  1. Reply Susan Connor Dec 21, 2011 4:14 pm

    Virtual thinking is made possible through the internet.

    Cave man times there was trouble brewing once the concepts behind rational thought tried to take hold. Fire … the thing to fear.. was able to be contained and gathering tribe became stationary. Wheels transformed into micro chips.

    Now today humans may be at a comfortable external temp while writing you this comment. So yes for the progress to continue share with everyone. Some will follow through. These are people you collect within your circles. Together that concept is refined. Thus communities are built.

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