Why Momentum Is Important In Business

I’ve enjoyed spending much of my career learning and pushing myself as much as I possibly can. It’s the way I do things, I like to be in a fast paced environment, I like the adrenaline, and I hate feeling bored. A former manager once told me that I was better at what I did if I had 100 things going on, rather than only a couple. He also noted it was a bit freakish, but, none the less, I took it as a compliment. But, after trying to figure out why that was while talking to someone the other night, I realized the reason was momentum.

Having momentum is such an important part of business because it is what pushes us to be more productive, think on our feet, be a better decision maker, and achieve so much more. Leveraging the momentum you have to get shit done can be an unbelievably important. Also, that momentum will help your business through press, funding, or just building a better product. This holds true for all aspects of business: products, blogging, etc.

On the writing front I can crank out post after post when I have momentum going for me, but, when I lose that momentum, I tend to have a tough time getting anything down to blog about. I’ve even tried putting together an editorial calendar for blog, but, it never works. The only reason my last post wasn’t over a month and a half ago was that I stumbled on to the Facebook Like button update in the stream.

Another example of this comes when running a business. When you have momentum, you need to take full advantage because it can lead to press coverage, possible funding, and overall user interest. I’ve noticed it in the past and even as recent as a month ago. Watching meeting after meeting get cancelled, no clear direction being set, and feeling like the momentum was slipping. Admittedly, I was at fault for some of it, for once feeling like I had put too much on my plate and contradicting everything I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I was allowing prior commitments get in the way of making shit happen. So, I decided to change that and leverage the momentum I had previously been riding on and run with it. Maybe I needed time away at SMX West and SXSW to refresh and let that reality slap me right in the face. If that was the case, I’m glad it did, because now I am more motivated and ready to win than I have been in a few months.

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